The funds that allow NCLSA to sponsor individual's eyesight needs in our Community are derived from a number of sources, including earnings generated by the Trust Funds.
These Trust Funds are in large part, funded by the awards for your Club Members, Business Associates and Friends.  There are different levels and prices to consider.
NCLSA Awards not only make your Recipients feel special, they can help to fund future eye-related surgeries.

  Director Lion Cecille Baylon  916-471-5392


Equivalent Plaques can be substituted for shown Plaques

International Director Bob Smith Achievement Award

This award is made of  Airflyte Acrylic 10 inches high by 6 inches wide.
$350 This is a limited time edition award.
Think about this beautiful award for someone in your club or community.
Akio Hayashi Life Membership



This award consists of a multi-layered glass plaque.  The cost of $500 may be made in five consecutive years  of $100.  An additional to the plaque the honoree receives a Life Member lapel pin, a Life Member decal, their name embroidered on the Akio Hayashi Life Membership banner and the name engraved on the Life Member perpetual plaque at the Society for the Blind.
Knights of The Blind

Honoring Helen Keller


This award is available for an aggregate or one-time amount of $300.  This is the perfect award to honor a Club sight or White Cane Chair.
Kay K. Fukushima


This is a plaque which honors our Past International President and may be obtained for a one-time donation of $250.
Gordon C. Daniels Associate Member


This is available for $200.  In addition to a handsome plaque, the honoree's name is embroidered on the Gordon C. Daniels Associate Member banner.
Fred O. Summer Fellowship


This award honoree receives a plaque.  This award is available for $125.
Larry Turbovsky


This is a handsome walnut desk plaque for a $100 donation.

Paul Shimada Plaque


This award honoree receives a plaque.  This award is available for $75.
Supporter Awards There are two awards available to show your support of NCLSA.  These funds go into the annual operating cost of the association.

The "I Support NCLSA" logo pin is available for $3 or two for $5.  A Paul Shimada plaque is an excellent award to honor an outgoing club officer.  It is available for $75

Open Donations Donations to NCLSA are always welcome.  These funds are used by the organization for any operational expenses authorized under the NCLSA Constitution and Bylaws.

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